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Large Transsylvanian parcel-gilt silver Tankard

Large Transsylvanian parcel-gilt silver Tankard

The cylindrical body, embossed with an elaborate Old Testament scene, derived from Exodus 17, Moses striking the rock for water in front of the elders of Israel, is placed on a silver-gilt spreading base with fluted border above a border of stylized foliage. The upper silver-gilt border is plain between reeding. The hinged domed lid is set with a silver roundel, embossed with a New Testament scene, John 4: 1- 42, representing Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well. A small laurel wreath border and a broader border of stylized foliage on a matted ground above a protruding plain rim surround the silver roundel. The cast silver-gilt double scroll handle displays scrolling foliage and flower heads. Two berries, applied to the lid rim, form the thumb rest. The body and the lid display a gilt interior. Fully marked at the reverse of base and displaying assay stripes. Stamped with inventory number 182 and painted Nl, a crown between and in red CT. CFP and 182.

Based on of the silver alloy, which is below 700/ 1000, the attribution to Transylvania has been made. However, this type of tankard in a higher alloy, above 700/1000, was also made in German speaking countries. Transylvanian silver objects were usually made in a lower silver alloy. Therefore, it is likely this tankard was made in Rumania by an extraordinary skilled silversmith, who succeeded to superbly chase the body in high relief, using silver low in alloy.

Literature on Transylvanian silver is rather limited and in the existing literature the hallmarks struck on this tankard could not be found. These three relatively small hallmarks for town, maker and date refer to the end of the 18th century. The use of a single letter without contour, like the letter V struck on this tankard, is rather common in this area. The inventory numbers on this tankard probably refer to its noble provenance, a Count’s family. However, this family has not been identified yet.

Large Transsylvanian parcel-gilt silver Tankard
Price on request
end of the Eighteenth Century
silver and gilt silver
2095 gr
23.5 cm
19.80 cm

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