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Dutch Renaissance Carved Walnut Relief

Dutch Renaissance Carved Walnut Relief

A carved landscape. On the right a peasant talking to a young nobleman with a sword. On the left a family around a churn. In the middle, connecting the outer scenes, a mother and child. In the background trees, shrubs and some houses.
The frame was specially made for this panel. Surrounded by leaves, two snakes writhe up and eat from the forbidden fruit.
The motives on the frame and the panel are obviously connected and fit into the tradition of scenes depicting the ‘latter life’ of Adam and Eve. The snakes and apples refer to the temptations of the tree of knowledge.
These scenes often depict Adam with a shovel or a hoe and Eve surrounded by children.
The nobleman with the sword might refer to the angel that drove Adam and Eve from Eden.

Dutch Renaissance Carved Walnut Relief
Price on request
ca. 1680
Walnut, gilded pine frame
30 x 43 cm

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