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Giltwood Louis XIV Tabouret, Liège

Giltwood Louis XIV Tabouret, Liège

A Louis XIV gilt oak stool on four baluster-shaped legs with cross bracing, resting on four bun feet. The balusters are decorated with symmetrical carvings of acanthus leaves and ornaments carved in deeper cartouches. The cross spacer is adorned with a rosette at its centre. Above each leg a square cartouche with trelliswork. They are connected by four horizonal openwork beams with a cartouche featuring a carved floral motif at their centre.

At the start of the 18th century, the shifting position of the Principality of Liège prompted numerous craftsmen to move to the city. A unique style developed, generating the production of high-quality oak furniture characterized by ornate carvings.

Giltwood Louis XIV Tabouret, Liège
Price on request
ca. 1700
oak giltwood
54 x 54 x 43 cm

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