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French Empire 10-light discus-shaped chandelier

French Empire 10-light discus-shaped chandelier

A small, ornate ten-light discus chandelier, the corona connected to the concave well by five gilt-bronze chain links. The corona surmounted by applied palmette motifs, a gilt-bronze finial in the form of a pinecone at its base. The central disc is topped by a cast figure of Amor holding a laurel wreath. The disc has a richly decorated gilt bronze rim issuing gilt bronze branches modelled as swans with outspread wings. The graceful aquatic birds give the illusion of carrying the candleholders upon their beaks.
At the base of the chandelier a gilt bronze finial and boss with palmettes, conform the corona.

The theme of this chandelier is love and beauty. The centred Amor, or Cupid, is the god of love. In art, he is often depicted in the company of the goddess Venus, whose chariot is drawn by swans, the personification of beauty.

Private collection Belgium

French Empire 10-light discus-shaped chandelier
Price on request
ca. 1810
gilt and patinated bronze
93 cm
65.00 cm

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