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English or Flemish Embroidery

English or Flemish Embroidery

An embroidered representation of a reading woman in a landscape. The crucifix, goblet and skull make it plausible that this is Mary Magdalen. The salamander is a personification of fire; here the representation of the zeal with which she pursued the good after her repentance. The image of a meditating Mary Magdalen stems from the Legenda Aurea, a compilation of hagiographies dating from about 1264 by Jacopo de Voragine (ca. 1230- ca. 1298).

The embroidery in wool and linnen is performed in a variety of stitches, that give this work a wonderfull three-dimensional look. The colours are very well preserved and still look very intense and vibrant.

English or Flemish Embroidery
Price on request
ca. 1600
wool and silk on linnen; oyster veneer frame
18 x 39 cm

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