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Pair of French Empire Sculptures

Pair of French Empire Sculptures

Two statuettes on identical pedestals in the shape of truncated glyphed columns. The identical base and the pose of the statuettes implies they are a pair.
The plinth rests on four concave profiled feet in fire-gilt bronze. The front and back of the base are flat, whereas the sides are indented and rounded. At the base on top of the plinth a decorative ribbon of palmettes.
The base of the sculptures has the same shape as the plinth and is decorated with gilt bronze Medusa masks on all four sides. At the front and back these masks are framed within diamonds sided by stylized palmette decorations.

The statuettes represent a man and a woman dressed in a classical Ionic “Chiton”, seated on a truncated pillar. The Ionic chiton was worn by women as well as men. The male figure wears a short version, whereas the female wears the version at ankle length.
The statuettes have a similar, though mirrored posture: sitting with their legs sideways and the torso turned towards the spectator. Both have one hand resting on the pillar and hold an attribute in the other; the male holds a horn, the female a wreath of flowers.

The bronze statuettes are very detailed and of a refined quality. The chasing and burnishing is of a very high standard.

Pair of French Empire Sculptures
Price on request
ca. 1805
fire-gilt and patinated bronze
32 x 22 x 12 cm

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