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Albertus Verhoesen (1806-1881)

Albertus Verhoesen (1806-1881)

The animal painter, Albertus Verhoesen, was born in the city of Utrecht. As a matter of fact, he never left his native region. After a training of several years with Jan van Ravenswaay in Hilversum, where he studied alongside the young BC Koekkoek, he was appointed municipal artist to the town of Amersfoort. Around 1853 he left this place to return to Utrecht where he would stay for the remainder of his life.
His work mainly consists of sophisticated and detailed paintings on a small scale depicting landscapes with various types of poultry. This pair of paintings, that have been together for their entire existence, are a fine example of his oeuvre.A

Albertus Verhoesen (1806-1881)
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oil on panel
A Verhoesen 1870 [lower left]
13 x 17 cm

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