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Russian Empire Hall Lantern, Saint Petersburg

Russian Empire Hall Lantern, Saint Petersburg

A hall-lantern with three lights that are placed within a bell jar.
These lanterns were ideal for lighting the hall, because the bell jar protects the candles from being blown out by the draft of the opening front door. This lantern is elaborately decorated with cut crystal pear-shapes, that reflect the light of the candles.
Saint Petersburg became capitol of the Russian Empire in the 18th century. Czar Peter the Great was the first to settle himself in the city. From 1762 onwards it was the ostentatious Catherine the Great who took residence in Saint Petersburg. She expanded the city with palaces and important buildings. The Russian nobility had to follow resulting in a wave of renovation and decoration of their domicile. This resulted in an explosion of factories and workshops for decorative arts and luxury goods around Saint Peterburg. As soon as 1735 the first glassworks were founded near the city, soon to be followed by many more. The various enterprises manufactured glass and crystal, tableware, vases, mirrors and parts for lanterns and lighting, all of extremely high quality.

Russian Empire Hall Lantern, Saint Petersburg
Price on request
ca. 1800
gilt bronze, crystal, glass
100 cm
37.00 cm

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