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An English Double Domed Bureau Bookcase

An English Double Domed Bureau Bookcase

A cabinet in two parts on oblated spherical legs that serves as a writing desk. The lower part has four herringbone veneered drawers with locks. The fold out leaf is lined with leather and reveals a number of pigeonholes and small drawers. There are also some hidden compartments.

The upper case has two doors with bevelled mirrors. The doors open on knife hinges. Under the doors two slides or “tirettes” to place candlesticks on. The interior holds many drawers and pigeonholes as well as high compartments to store sheet music. The top shelf offers sufficient space to hold some nice objects.

The combination of oak and pine for the frame, the brass fittings and the placement of the locks, characterize this cabinet a typical English.

An English Double Domed Bureau Bookcase
Price on request
ca. 1700
oak and pine frame veneered with walnut and burr-walnut, brass mounts, bevelled mirror
223 x 61 x 101 cm

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