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Chinese porcelain Yongzheng Governor Duff dish

Chinese porcelain Yongzheng Governor Duff dish

A Chinese porcelain Verte-Imari dish, with a central decor of a Western man and his wife, accompanied by a greyhound in a garden near a terrace. The border of the dish with alternating representations of flowers and treasures.

Although descriptions of this decor vary from; A Frisian or European pair, to Louis XIV and Madame de Maintenon, the decor is usually described and most known as Governor Duff, referring to Diederik Durven (1676-1740) who was Governor-General of the VOC from 1729-1732.

The dish was made in the Yongzheng periode (1723-1735) for the Dutch market. This dish stands out amongst other examples because of the tranquility and sophistication of the decor. This is clearly visible in the detailing of the painting, such as in the faces of the figures, and in the spacing of the separate parts of the decor, which leads to a balanced whole.

Chinese porcelain Yongzheng Governor Duff dish
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ca. 1730
Chinese porcelain
42.50 cm

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